Volunteer in Africa

Past Women's Empowerment Projects

Jeanne Cloutier
Ojai, California
Jeanne's arrival to Ghana was perfect timing and due to her self-motivated nature her accomplishments were varied and included:

  • Creating Quality Control Standards sheets and an Inventory Management and Ordering Tool for the bead product line.
  • Providing basic computer training to the managers of the Fair Trade Center.
  • Educating the Center on Capacity building and theft prevention.
  • Photographing many of the new items for 2009 and overseeing the digital document preparations including providing Adobe Photoshop training for 3 volunteers to assist in "cleaning" of photos.
  • Partnering with another volunteer to coordinate the assembly of the 2009 wholesale catalog.

Jeanne was thrilled by way that Global Mamas utilized her talents. During her time, she enjoyed the company of the mindful volunteers that Global Mamas attracts and enjoyed working on her many tasks with these great teammates. Of course, she enjoyed the opportunity to develop relationships with the local entrepreneurs even more. Jeanne says that she came to Ghana with preconceived ideas about "fair trade", but these relationships opened her eyes to what fair trade really is."

"I saw relief, satisfaction and comfort in those I worked with as they clearly felt blessed to have a reliable income. For me, fair trade became a one-step-at-a-time (in Ghanaian versus western time) process towards progress."