Volunteer in Africa

Past Marketing & Media Projects

Danielle Peck
London, England
Global Mamas wanted to improve our marketing materials through better photographs and stories. We also needed to update baseline and financial data with the new members of the Cape Coast and Global Mamas network.

With years of experience as a documentary series producer for the BBC, Danielle took the lead to accomplish many tasks to assist women in Ghana to generate revenue for years to come:
  • Photographed and interviewed all the women who had recently joined Global Mamas.
  • Organized all the women's photographs and created stories that were posted online.
  • Collected baseline/financial data on all the new women in the Cape Coast and Krobo networks that provides a snapshot of how a business is doing before joining Global Mamas so that we can track progress throughout the years.
  • Organized the out-of-control Global Mamas photo library so that now staff and volunteers can easily find any photo they may be looking for.
  • Organized and carried out many photo shoots of adults and children wearing Global Mamas clothing.

  • "I was constantly amazed by how the women get by with such poise, dignity and optimism despite all the hardships they are confronted with."