Volunteer in Africa

Past Financial Management Projects

Kirsten Klein
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Kirsten developed and implemented a training course that will help Global Mamas producers develop a better understanding of business and financial management. She also helped Global Mamas in the following ways:

  • Provided one-on-one business financial training, including how to calculate wages for fair trade, to individual business owners
  • Developed workshops on time, cost, expense, profit analysis and purchase order analysis for the Mamas
  • Analyzed Global Mamas financial statements to review trends, benchmarks, expenses and ways to grow the organization

The most satisfying part of Kirsten's volunteer time was training the women individually in their homes and shops. She enjoyed delivering the two financial workshops and following up with as many women as possible and working with the Mamas individually to figure out appropriate wages and developing bookkeeping systems that work for their level of understanding and business size.

"My favourite moments in Ghana involved traveling with my friends made in Ghana. I enjoyed the destination; however, it was the adventure of the travel that I loved the most – negotiating fares, trying to meet up with friends in unfamiliar places, drawing and using maps, hoping the rickety tro actually starts again, helpful locals, obscure Michael Jackson videos in the mini-bus, buying food out of the windows, riding with fish and chickens and hoping the middle-of-nowhere place you just got dropped off at was the middle-of-nowhere place you wanted!"