Beadmaking Center (Krobo)

Odumase Krobo is home to the second Global Mamas location. Leveraging the success of our Mamas in Cape Coast, we replicated the model in Krobo with the skilled producers of recycled glass beads. Opened in 2006, we now work with more than 30 different beadmakers. Our beadmakers are typically family run businesses in the villages scattered throughout the Odumase Krobo area. We also directly employ nearly 20 young women from the community who assemble our beaded products at the Global Mamas office.
Emelia Batsa, a Global Mama since 2010

“Prosperity, to me, is to be able to save enough money to go back to school and become a nurse.”


Meet Emelia: Prior to joining Global Mamas as a quality control employee, Emelia worked at a call center. She feels the most valuable skill she has learned at Global Mamas is how to design beads and grind glass, which is part of the beadmaking process. She’s pleased that she has been able to support her mother and sister while saving money for herself. When she is not working, she enjoys watching foreign films, listening to gospel music, and cooking her favorite dish—rice and stew. In addition to her personal dream of becoming a nurse, Emelia wishes to see her community become clean and well-developed.


To all the people who buy Global Mamas products, Emelia says, “Thank you for buying Global Mamas products, and you should keep buying!”


Vivian Sawer, a Global Mama since 2012

“Prosperity, to me, is being able to pay for my daughter’s school fees and having some money on the side.”


Meet Vivian: Vivian, a bead assembler, loves working at Global Mamas because she can express her creativity through her work. Her favorite products to make are necklaces. Since she started working for Global Mamas, she has been able to save money and support her daughter Ophelia’s education. She hopes her daughter will choose to become a nurse when she grows up. When she is not working, Vivian likes singing gospel music at her church and spending time with family. She hopes to one day go back to school to study business.


When asked what she would like to tell the people who buy her products, Vivian said, “They should keep buying so we can keep producing!”