Budget & Fundraising

Planning Your Budget
To help in Planning Your Budget we have provided some cost estimates of what to expect to pay for various items once you have arrived in Ghana.


Fundraising is a good way to raise enough money to cover your fees. U.S. citizens can take advantage of our tax exempt status to fundraise for the cost of the program fee. Please note that due to IRS regulations we cannot reimburse you for funds raised beyond your program fee.


Global Mamas has created a Fundraising Kit to assist you in this endeavor. The kit provides suggestions on effective ways to raise money online & offline, including samples that you can use to help achieve your fundraising goal.

Online Fundraising is the easiest way for you to raise funds is by creating a personalized fundraising page 
online. You can create a page in minutes, and send emails to friends, co-workers and family to let them know you're raising money for Global Mamas. Just follow the simple instructions by clicking on Fundraise for this Cause. Our Fundraising Kit also gives instructions on setting up your personalized online fundraising page.