Batik Instructions

Batik Instructions

Batik Instructions: Apply the Fabric Wax
Paint or stamp the fabric wax onto the batik fabric. Work quickly to prevent fabric wax from cooling. Stir the wax frequently as you work.

Dip your batik stamp into the batik wax to saturate the bottom. Make sure the foam of the batik stamp is saturated with wax. Shake excess wax off the batik stamp. Place the batik stamp straight own onto the batik cloth, applying very light pressure. Pull the batik stamp straight off to prevent uneven saturation of the batik fabric. Fill any holes in the pattern with a paintbrush or thin strip of foam dipped into the wax.

>> How to Batik: Video Applying Fabric Wax

Stamping wax onto the fabric

Batik Instructions: Batik Dyeing
Wait until the batik wax has completely cooled, then unpin the cloth and lift it from the vinyl surface. You may also crumple the batik cloth to create extra cracks and veins.

Mix your cold water dye and dye the fabric, following the manufacturers’ instructions. Hold cloth over your batik dyeing container to let excess dye drip off.

Hang the batik fabric to dry completely. Do not rinse, wring or dry the cloth artificially.

>> How to Batik: Video on Batik Dyeing

Dying the fabric in cold water

Batik Instructions: Multi-Color Fabric Dying
To add additional batik designs in multiple colors, apply the fabric wax again to retain the current color of the batik cloth, and dye it additional colors. Always begin with the lightest color and end with the darkest. Remember that the newly waxed area will retain the color of the previous dye bath, and that any unwaxed portions will become the color of both the previous batik dye bath and subsequent batik dye baths.

Batik Instructions: Fabric Wax Removal
There are several ways to remove fabric wax, including ironing it off between sheets of newspaper, taking it to the dry cleaner or scraping it off. However, the most effective way to remove batik wax is to boil it off.

Fill a large pot with water, add a little liquid soap and bring it to a simmer. Submerge your batik fabric, stirring to loosen the batik wax. Once all the batik wax has floated to the top, weight the batik fabric down to the bottom and let the whole pot cool until the fabric wax hardens. Peel the hardened wax layer off the top and remove your cloth.

Alternately, if you have a large cauldron like the Global Mamas in Ghana, Africa, you can repeatedly submerge the batik cloth in the hot water using a long stick or utensil, continually skimming the batik wax off the top of the water. Dip the batik cloth in increasingly clean water baths until all the wax and any extra dye has been removed. Hang your item to dry.

>> How to Batik: Video on Removing Wax

Hanging the fabric to dry

Ayadze Paa! You have created batik!

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