Global Mamas Seamstress Sewing Cotton Face Mask


Support the Mamas Through COVID-19

Like social enterprises across the world, Global Mamas is experiencing the financial impacts of COVID-19 throughout our offices in Ghana and the U.S. With an early April report from the African Union showing a potential loss of 20 million jobs across the continent, we’re especially concerned about our ability to continue creating sustainable livelihoods for Mamas and their families.

With the exception of e-commerce, all of Global Mamas’ revenue streams have now come to an abrupt halt. Retail partners’ stores have closed (including our own fair trade store in Accra), trade shows have canceled, and volunteers and tourists are no longer traveling. Government mandated restrictions mean our Accra store staff cannot work and more closures could be coming. As independent business owners, many of the Mamas rely on global demand for their products which has dropped dramatically. Not surprisingly, we expect to take a significant financial loss this year. Global Mamas’ entire 76-person employee team has committed to a pay cut to share the burden of the financial losses. To ensure the 200+ underemployed Mamas are able to continue providing for their families, we aim to pay daily food stipends for as long as we are able.


Pivoting Production to Face Masks

The Global Mamas team spent early April converting all operations to face mask production in line with the CDC’s recommendation that people should cover their faces in public in addition to other measures like hand-washing and physical distancing. Our hope is to receive an ‘essential’ work status so that seamstresses and staff will be able to continue working with appropriate precautions in place. Our initial goal was to produce several hundred masks to protect Mamas and staff, but in partnership with other local manufacturers helping expand our capacity we now intend to produce on a much larger scale. We’re hoping our new plan will provide work for many Mamas throughout this difficult time while protecting vulnerable communities across Ghana. Currently, we’re working with donors to cover production costs and ensure that the masks reach the people who need them most.


A Little Can Do a Lot

As specific needs become more apparent, we’re combining our initial request for help providing living stipends with covering the cost of creating several hundred masks to protect Mamas and staff. To provide some perspective of how little it takes to provide significant aid:

  • $1.86 covers the cost for a face mask for a Mama or Global Mamas staff member
  • $21.81 covers the cost of a weekly food stipend for a Mama living in a city
  • $58.18 covers the cost of a monthly food stipend for a Mama living in a rural area

Please know your support is valued by the entire Global Mamas community. we hope you and yours are staying healthy and well. 



Global Mamas is registered in Ghana as a local NGO and in the USA as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.