About African Black Soap

About Black Soap

African black soap has been used in Ghana for generations. Containing a natural antiseptic and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, black soap also utilizes local natural ingredients that may have otherwise gone to waste. Our black soap is made with cocoa pod ashes, though some crafters use banana leaf ashes and in Ghana’s Northern Region, the skins of certain nuts are used.

The ash is a key part of the soap-making process. To form, soap requires the combination of fats and either sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide that react in a process called saponification. Cocoa pod ashes provide a natural, local, and income-generating source of potassium hydroxide. Our producers then use local coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and unrefined shea butter to complete the saponification process and render a delectably cleansing and moisturizing soap.

Learn more about how our producers create their black soap on the following pages.

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Dandy Lion African Black Soap

Dandy Lion African Black Soap