Traveling the Distance for Quality

9/1/2008 12:00:00 AM

By Alice Grau

Traveling the Distance for Quality

Ally Harris has been an employee for Global Mamas in the U.S. for over a year. This September she had the opportunity to come to Ghana and learn more about the how the complex production of Global Mamas batik apparel and accessories works. She worked closely with the Global Mamas staff in Cape Coast for three months to learn about the quality checking process and discuss the standards of quality that our United States and European customers have.


Ally also took the opportunity to visit many of the Global Mamas seamstresses and batikers in their shops and see the production up close and personal. "I was overwhelmingly impressed by the efficiency and high spirits of our talented Mamas, sometimes producing hundreds of yards of cloth or hundreds of sewn items within a few weeks. Being able to meet the women in person strengthened my belief in the accomplishments and future potential of Global Mamas", said Ally.


Ally was also introduced to the amazing group of summer volunteers who were helping Global Mamas on all aspect of the 2009 catalog. She said that each volunteer should feel proud of their own role in accomplishing such a beautiful line of products for this year. Ally left Ghana feeling terribly sad to say goodbye to her new friends and such a beautiful place. She add, "I feel so grateful that my connection to Ghana continues at home in Minnesota, as I sell products and tell our story to our US customers."