Our Staff




Producers in Cape Coast work in privately owned businesses, often with employees and apprentices.





Cape Coast is home to our largest production location and was the first Global Mamas location. It was here that our founding Mamas came together in 2003 to produce the first Global Mamas product line. Today the Cape Coast Global Mamas community is comprised of over 80 independent, women-owned businesses. In Cape Coast our Mamas are batikers and seamstresses who work from their own shops or from their homes.






Anna Rose, Patience, Wisdom and Laura are all responsible for different aspects of the Cape Coast Office.






Managing the production of hundreds of unique products among so many different Mamas located throughout Cape Coast requires great skill, attention to detail and even some super powers.  This is accomplished by the daring duo of Wisdom Tamakloe and Patience Essibu. Patience, hired in 2004, was actually the first Global Mamas employee.


Hosting our international volunteers and interns is Anna Rose Ott. Laura Henslin is the talented designer working on new designs throughout the year.



The quality control staff in Cape Coast is an important part of our team











We take great pride in the quality of Global Mamas products. In Cape Coast we have an amazing team of quality controllers.



















Krobo Odumase


The Mamas of Krobo Odumase mostly work in family based businesses.





Krobo Odumase is home to the second Global Mamas location. Leveraging the success of our Mamas in Cape Coast we replicated the model in Krobo with the skilled producers of recycled glass beads. Opened in 2006, we now work with over 30 different bead makers. Our bead makers are most typically family run businesses in the villages scattered throughout the Krobo area.






Krobo Bead Assemblers are busy at work.







We also directly employ 18 women from the area to assemble the beads into finished products like jewelry and ornaments. These women work each day in the Global Mamas production center.






Gladys Adimer is the Manager of the Krobo Office.















Gladys Adimer is the wonder woman who manages the Krobo location. She started with Global Mamas as our first assembler in 2006 and over the years worked her way up to managing every aspect of our Krobo location.














Ashaiman batikers are busy at work in the Fair Trade Textile Workshop's batik area.





Ashaiman (pronounced A-shah-ma) is our newest Global Mamas location.

Originally located in the town of Prampram, this textile location relocated to Ashaiman in August 2012.







The Ashaiman Mamas all work together at the Fair Trade Textile Workshop.









The Ashaiman Mamas produce batik textiles and sew them into beautiful accessories and apparel. All of our Mamas work together in our Fair Trade Textile Workshop.










Dorcas and Amos oversee the operations at the Ashaiman production site.







Production in the incredibly busy Ashaiman location is managed by our amazing team of Dorcas Baiden and Amos Agbenyo Kporshiebu. Both started out in our Cape Coast location and have been promoted to their current roles because of their dedication, leadership, and eye for quality.













The Global Mamas Store in Osu, Accra is a great place to shop.





Global Mamas opened the first fair trade store in Ghana in the Osu neighborhood of Ghana’s capital. Read more about the Global Mamas Store in Accra.


In Accra we also have Rosemary Odoom, Sylvester Kunkaa and Renae Adam who work together to ensure each location has what it needs to keep on running.














The US based staff is here to provide you with great customer service and sales support.




Global Mamas also has an office in Minneapolis, MN. In 2006 this office relocated from Kristin’s spare bath tub to an amazing studio arts building in the Northeast Arts District. While we all wish we could be in Ghana, we do love working for the Mamas and spend most of our time developing our customer service skills while working with our retail partners around the globe. Alice and Nick are two of our very talented designers, Amy and Anna keep the orders going out the door, and Kristin does a little bit of everything.