Volunteer in Africa

Past Marketing & Media Projects

Genevieve Cortinovis
St. Louis, Missouri

Genevieve played a key role in helping Global Mamas promote the children, pet, and home product lines to various publications. Genevieve did the following for Global Mamas:

  • Researched pet publications and secured Global Mamas placement in The Bark magazine.
  • Secured a Global Mamas feature in St. Louis AT HOME magazine.
  • Researched and wrote several short essays for the Global Mamas website and quarterly updates.

"Sitting under Gina's mango tree waiting for our batik to dry in the sun was one of my most memorable experiences. The breeze picked up, a perfectly ripe mango fell at our feet and even Gina, who had spent her Saturday working hard, had to admit her backyard was a slice of paradise."