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Founded in 2003, the Global Mamas community is comprised of thousands of people from around the world working together with the mission of creating prosperity for African women and their families. Our Mamas define prosperity as going beyond financial well-being to include happiness and good health. They achieve prosperity by creating and selling unique, handcrafted products of the highest quality. Being able to do the work they love and being empowered by financial independence leads to greater happiness. Our Mamas realize their dreams of having the opportunity to support their families, send their children to school, improve their health, and save for the future.


Our Global Community is made up of our Mamas who produce beautiful products using traditional methods; our employees who manage production, ensuring high quality and delivering personal customer service; our international volunteers and interns who contribute their time and talents to further the development of our Mamas’ expertise; our donors who support the expansion of our programs leading to more jobs, and customers who make everything we do possible by purchasing our products. Read more about Our History



LOVE Your Product


Global Mamas products are full of life and love. Each item is hand-crafted using traditional techniques, maintaining local artisanal skills such as batiking, bead-making and Shea butter production. Global Mamas products are unique and high-quality, tended to with care through a meticulous quality control process and by a dedicated customer service team. Our products include:

  • Hand Batiked Textiles: Apparel for Kids and Adults, Accessories, Home Décor
  • Recycled Glass Beads: Jewelry, Home Décor, Ornaments
  • Shea Butter: Shea Butter Cream, Shea Butter Soap, Black Soap, Bulk Shea
  • Recycled Plastic (Trashy): Accessories

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KNOW Your Producer


The Global Mamas are mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters, talented entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities. There are nearly 350 producers from 7 different communities in the Global Mamas network. We invite you to bring even more meaning to your favorite Global Mamas product by meeting the Mama who produced it or learning more about the locations in Ghana where it was produced.


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Our producers are unique and their accomplishments over the years have varied from purchasing new equipment, supporting their children’s education through all levels of school (including university), opening shops, building homes and most importantly, feeling empowered and valued.


Global Mamas is committed to sustainable growth and since inception has created hundreds of jobs in Ghana. Fair Trade practices ensure that every Global Mama is paid a steady, living wage. We further empower our Mamas by inviting them to be a part of organizational decisions and product development. Through our powerful network of international volunteers and interns, our Mamas receive personalized, hands-on training to refine their skills and strengthen their capacity to produce better products, manage their growing businesses and personal incomes, and improve their health and the health of their children.


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