Our Impact Measured In Dreams Realized

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“Prosperity, to us, is multi-faceted. It means dreams realized through nutritional & health needs met, school fees paid, businesses expanded, money saved, and ultimately women empowered”.

- Melanie Popowich, Global Mamas

Gladys Adimer left highschool at 18, now she Manages Global Mamas' Krobo Office

Dreams Realized - Gladys Adimer


In the Global Mamas’ Krobo office, the air is filled with music and everyone is busy at work, assembling popular items like the Eco Bracelet and Sister Ornament. Beads from surrounding villages get delivered here to be transformed into these beautiful products and more. This is the site where all of the Global Mamas' jewelry and ornaments are assembled. It is also one of the many Global Mamas’ locations where dreams are realized.


Gladys Adimer is the Manager of Global Mamas’ Krobo office and its small, but mighty, staff. Gladys directs her staff with strong leadership, while maintaining a family environment. She organizes every shipment with an eye for detail and a passion for quality. When you speak with Gladys, you would never imagine that she left school at the age of 18 to work and help pay her mother’s medical bills. For Gladys, at that time in her life, meeting that immediate goal was prosperity.

When Gladys joined Global Mamas in 2006, her view of prosperity began to change. After just 2 years of working as a bead assembler, she was promoted to a role in quality control. She worked diligently in that position, showing dedication and growing as a leader. Three years later she was promoted to Manager of the site - the first Global Mamas location to be run entirely by a Ghanaian. She has been achieving her dreams, such as financially supporting half of her family, and making new dreams - like owning a house and opening more businesses in her town to create more job opportunities.


Gladys Adimer is a proud and prosperous Mama!


Prosperity is Financial Security


The steady work that the women in the Global Mamas community receive ensures that they are earning a living wage for their community and are fully employed. This stability gives the Mamas the confidence to know that they can cover their basic living expenses, invest in their children's education and even contribute to savings accounts to put toward future dreams.

Molly Linda Djan is proud to be dependable.


Patience Essibu has taken charge of her health while working with Global Mamas

Prosperity is Health


Our Mamas believe that prosperity goes beyond financial security and cannot be achieved without good health for themselves and their families. Health and wellness training started as a simple slideshow presented by a volunteer who was a nurse and has evolved to regular sessions with local doctors and health clinicians to provide more elaborate education on a variety of topics including stress management, glaucoma awareness, and breast cancer awareness.


Prosperity is Happiness


The women of the Global Mamas community love their work, as artists and business women. As a community we strive to support each other in achieving and maintaining happiness. Doing work that we love, being proud of our accomplishments, and feeling secure in our future supports our ultimate happiness.

Eunice Mensah is happy because she does not have to worry about her finances.


Aggie Cole Arthur love that her work has supported the education of her entire family.

Prosperity is Education


Education is a unifying dream for our Mamas. In Ghana, school fees, including uniforms and books, account for a large portion of a family’s household expenses. As children get older, the cost of tuition increases significantly. Consequently, many families cannot afford to support their children past junior high school. By earning deserved wages for quality work, almost all of our Mamas choose to invest in education.


Ophelia Arthur is excited for the future because her work gives her hope.

Prosperity is Hope


Small victories show us what we can achieve by being dedicated to our goals. It provides us hope. Hope gives each Mama the extra push needed to get through the challenges and accomplish their dreams. Finally, having hope encourages the Mamas to dream even bigger.


Prosperity is Being Empowered


Being empowered is the truest form of prosperity. Every other aspect of prosperity, however it manifests in each life, ultimately leads to empowerment. As each Mama achieves her business and personal goals she is empowered to become a stronger leader and a role model for others in her community. This leads to the cycle perpetuating itself, causing more to hope, dream, and become prosperous.

Emma Myers is a founding Global Mama and a prosperous, independant woman.