Volunteer in Africa

Past Women's Empowerment Projects

Jennifer Christiansen
Grand Rapids, Michigan
With Jen's business/HR background, she jumped right in to face the many challenges waiting for her in Krobo, as we launched the new location:
  • Recruited new women into Krobo Global Mamas network.
  • Conducted interviews with bead makers in their workshop/homes in order to assess their ability to be successful with Global Mamas.
  • Helped to choose the founding members of the Krobo network and gathered baseline social and economic data on each business in order to measure future business growth.
  • Designed several new beaded product ideas and developed marketing descriptions for the new beaded products being offered in the new Global Mamas catalog.
  • Assisted in setting up the new Krobo office and volunteer house.
  • Documented the bead-making process which will be used to educate customers on the Global Mamas website.
  • Assisted in taking pictures and video clips of the batiking process for the winning designs of the Design4life Competition that was shown at Paris Fashion Week (sponsored by the Ethical Fashion Forum and Tabeisa in the UK).
  • Conducted one-on-one training with Global Mamas' Production Manager to develop her leadership and human resource management skills.

Jen's highlight was definitely the workshop/home interviews with the new Global Mamas in Odumase-Krobo. She had to pinch herself and remind herself that she was in Africa since it became so "normal" after just a few visits.

"Over and over again, I was reminded that no matter where we come from, we are all the same!"