Volunteer in Africa

Past Product Design Projects

Emi Yoshidomi
Kurume, Japan
Global Mamas has established amazing partnerships with programs such as Peace Corps and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). These organizations have provided us with long term volunteers who can focus on projects that can benefit from a dedicated volunteer over a longer period of time. For years Global Mamas has been hoping to target perfecting the fit of their product line but with volunteers coming and going this was difficult.
Emi joined Global Mamas as part of her volunteer program with JICA. During her 2 years at Global Mamas she accomplished many projects that were critical to ensure that the quality of our products would not be lost during our rapid growth:
  • Assist in the creation of a Global Mamas size chart.
  • Fix old product patterns according to the newly set standard measurements and educate Global Mamas on standards of quality.
  • Design and pattern development of new products.
  • Develop product specifications for existing and new products.
  • Help in outside areas such as cleaning pictures of products for new catalog and help with developing the layout of wholesale catalogs.

"A great thing is that the staff at Cape Coast has plenty of motivation, and they are very friendly to volunteers. It made my work run very smoothly."