Volunteer in Africa

Past Information Technology Projects

Nancy Totall
San Diego, California

Nancy created a system to assist with the operational and production activities at Global Mamas various production sites. She also assisted Global Mamas in the following ways:

  • Created a new production management database that transformed the ability of the organization to manage our growth.
  • Trained staff on the use of the database.
  • Created generic data sets and “template” reports using ReportBuilder to provide the organization with more in-depth information on performance.

Nancy continues to volunteer for Global Mamas helping us to make on-going enhancements to the production database.

"The cultural aspect of our lives is much deeper than I ever imagined and can make working with other cultures more challenging, even beyond language or distance barriers. Something that seems innately offensive or the "right way", may be culturally learned and one should keep an open mind. So when someone shouts at you, "Obruni! Where are you going!?!", they may just want to help you find your way."