Volunteer in Africa

Past Business Development Projects

Galina Barkova & Lisa Scheible
Pazardjik, Bulgaria
Galina and Lisa teamed with Global Mamas to implement more stringent quality control procedures. They worked to improve the ongoing quality of Global Mamas products, as well as the following:
  • Created detailed product specifications/measurements for all of the Global Mamas accessories and home decor products in the catalog.
  • Documented the design stamping requirements and pattern layout for the most efficient use of fabric for many Global Mamas products.
  • Visited seamstresses to ensure the correct use of patterns, and ensured Global Mamas had a master pattern in the office.
  • Created a detailed quality control checklist for each product.
  • Assisted with organizing raw materials and established a process for inventory tracking and replenishment.
  • Researched alternative calico fabric suppliers throughout Africa.

"We feel like volunteers have the best of all worlds in that we work in a city, live in the suburbs, and are able to travel on weekends. We were really able to experience a lot of different aspects of life in Ghana. It takes a week or two to adjust to a lifestyle outside of your comfort zone, but after that it is impossible not to fall in love with this country, community, and all of the women working with Global Mamas."