Trashy Bags Recycling & Sewing Workshop (Dzorwulu)
Gladys Oduro, a Global Mama since 2008

Gladys Oduro was a seamstress for 10 years before joining Trashy Bags in 2008. She grew up in the Ashanti region of Ghana, near a city called Kumasi, but has now lived in Accra for more than 20 years. Times have been difficult for Gladys, as she is a single mother raising four children. In Ghana, children often work to contribute to the family, even at very young ages. However, her children all have a great desire to stay in school, and Gladys has done her best to ensure they do. She feels very lucky to work with Trashy Bags, predominantly due to her great relationship with her manager. No matter what kind of problems Gladys has, she feels very comfortable asking for assistance from him and knows he’ll do whatever he can to help her.

Global Mamas partners with Trashy Bags to produce accessories made from the recycled plastic of packaged drinking water (think plastic sachet vs. plastic bottle). Water sachets are the most popular item to buy on the streets of Ghana, and because of this, they also account for the majority of litter on the ground. Trashy Bags not only cleans up Ghana as they collect the littered drinking water sachets, but also works to inform the public about the environmental issues of litter and these non-biodegradable drink sachets.