Volunteer in Africa

Grant Writing & Fundraising Volunteer Opportunities in Africa

Grant Writing & Fundraising


While the sale of our fair trade products covers the majority of our operational costs, Global Mamas looks to outside funding for expansion. This involves writing funding proposals, entering funding competitions, and creating fundraising campaigns. Volunteers that work in grant writing and fundraising have the opportunity to work on a number of projects including:

  • Developing the theme and content for Global Mamas’ annual reports.
  • Creating creative fundraising campaigns.
  • Recommending new fundraising platforms.
  • Researching grant opportunities.

Past Grant Writing & Fundraising Projects

Jaime Horn	 - Business Development volunteer in Africa

Jaime Horn
Austin, Texas

Jaime assisted Global Mamas in writing a proposal for a competition to support sustainable businesses in developing countries. Jaime employed her communications expertise to help Global Mamas in the following ways:

  • Drafted grant proposals to seek funding from two foundations.
  • Edited and polished Global Mamas' book proposal; sent the proposal to two different publishing houses.
  • Conducted follow-up interviews with the Mamas regarding their fair trade certification.

For Jaime the most satisfying part of her volunteer experience was being able to produce a final product of work that Global Mamas can use to enhance people's awareness of the organization and the amazing work they are doing.

"I learned that the Global Mamas are shrewd businesswomen; that roosters do not just crow at dawn; you do not need a can opener to open a can of Nescafe; and that a simple hello can go a long way!"