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Global Mamas is committed to building the capacity of our Mamas and their families to achieve prosperity through education. Volunteers interested in education projects could find themselves training:

  • Mamas on basic math skills so that they can better track their income and expenses.
  • Mamas in basic literacy.
  • Staff and Mamas in basic computer skills including how to use a computer and keyboard, typing, how to set-up and use e-mail, effective ways to surf the internet, and using Office applications.
  • Sales representatives at our Global Mamas Fair Trade Store in Accra on improving their customer service.

Past Education Projects

Chris Ward - IT intern in Africa

Chris Ward
Houston, Texas

Chris was instrumental in teaching the Mamas new computer skills to grow their business and helped Global Mamas manage its IT infrastructure. Chris helped Global Mamas in the following ways:

  • Created a 10-week introductory computer training course that included practical exercises to practice classroom concepts
  • Configured Global Mamas local area network allowing internet/file/printer sharing.
  • Set up a PERL environment which allowed other Global Mamas volunteers to develop the Global Mamas e-commerce site.
  • Provided on-going computer system maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Pitched in with whatever needed to be done, including getting up at 6AM to help paint the new Global Mamas store.

Chris enjoyed seeing the women try to apply the skills they have learned towards the expansion and improvement of their own personal small enterprises.

"The women that work within Global Mamas have shown me that even when people are pressed into living simple and impoverished lives, love for life and all its marvels can still be attained; at times it seems even more so than it is possible by those who are 'more fortunate' like myself. These women are the most generous, accepting, caring, strong, courageous, inspirational and beautifully-minded people I have ever met. Thanks to them and the rest of the crew at Global Mamas, my time spent in Ghana turned out to be the most amazing summer I have ever had in my life."