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Strategic Business Consulting Volunteer Opportunities in AfricaStrategic Business Consulting


Global Mamas regularly benefits from the help of business minded volunteers to help the organization or our Mama entrepreneurs to make the most of opportunities for growth or to develop solutions for challenges.  Strategic business consulting projects involve all areas of business including:

  • Financial management
  • Business plan development to expand or launch a new product line
  • Marketing & Sales
  • HR management
  • Productivity improvements
  • Quality enhancement - and more!

Past Strategic Business Consulting Projects

Sue Yun Chi

Sue Yun Chi
New York, New York

Before Sue's arrival, we continually faced challenges in assisting the mamas with keeping practical and updated records of their businesses. This posed problems for understanding the overall health of their businesses, settling outstanding account balances with their customers, and planning for future growth. The women also needed some help with the procedures of assets acquisition, the financing of large transactions, and measuring performance based on different metrics (i.e. profit and loss versus cash flow).

To address these concerns, Sue took the lead in developing practical tools for finance and accounting practices and:
  • Developed a best practices manual for record keeping that is now used by other volunteers in teaching bookkeeping to new women entering the program.
  • Wrote a simplified guide on asset valuation and debt vs equity financing.
  • Created an easy-to-use accounting software program that is now being taught to the women who are required to enter their financial data on a monthly basis.
  • Created a loan repayment schedule computer application that helps Global Mamas keep track of principal and interest payments from the women to outside lenders.
  • Trained Global Mamas staff on advanced usage of Microsoft Excel.

Sue became familiar with new software applications and learning other skills such as website development and product development. She identifies her most important personal accomplishment as the way in which her time in Ghana reshaped her views on development. The experience made her change her focus for graduate school studies and really helped her reshape her career goals and the question the kind of impact she wanted to make.

"If more of the economic development programs that exist today operated like Global Mamas, less money would be wasted on failed projects and more people in developing communities would actually feel a direct impact. A lot of these projects are set up to fail largely because of a complete lack of understanding of the communities they are working for, but in the case of Global Mamas, the first priority was investing time into understanding the needs of the community. It is this fundamental difference that makes me a complete supporter and believer in the mission of Global Mamas, and I only hope that it will continue to make a positive direct economic impact for the women in Cape Coast and beyond."