The Global Mamas Fair Trade Zone

We invite you to support the next phase in building the Global Mamas Fair Trade Zone. Your donation will help us create sustainable income opportunities for nearly 200 craftswomen in Ghana.


At Global Mamas we're setting our sights on a big dream that's been in the pipeline now for several years: the development of the Fair Trade Zone. This campus style facility will be located in Ghana's Eastern Region and provide sustainable income opportunities for nearly 200 craftswomen. We envision this as a model environment for ethical production following the principles of fair trade. Our designers have developed plans incorporating the most eco-friendly innovations for environmentally conscientious construction. The campus will include a preschool facility for the Mamas' children, space for training and capacity building, and eventually a guest house complete with programs for visitors to learn about Ghanaian craft production and the incredible impact fair trade can have on communities.

FTZ Land Purchase


Through your generous support, we have already raised over $28,000 and are using these funds to purchase the land. We now seek to raise $50,000 to fund Phase 2 of our plans, which includes:


  • Drafting detailed architectural and building plans that incorporate the Mamas’ input on workspace design.
  • “Breaking ground” by getting hooked up to local utilities.
  • Creating an eco-friendly perimeter wall using on-site materials.


We at Global Mamas are thrilled to be building prosperity through the construction of the Fair Trade Zone. Can you support Global Mamas with a gift to help us realize our dream?




Global Mamas Fair Trade Zone


On behalf of everyone here at Global Mamas, we thank you for your generous support!


Global Mamas is registered in Ghana as a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) and in the USA as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


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