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Graphic Design


The success of Global Mamas very much depends on our ability to tell the stories of our Mamas and communicate the impact our programs have on their lives. To succeed we sell fair trade products handcrafted by our women through printed materials, e-mail newsletters, and our websites. We very much rely on volunteers with graphic design skills to keep our messaging compelling and visually interesting. Graphic design projects include:

  • Design elements for our annual catalogs (cover, layout, etc.).
  • Update the content and design of our various websites.
  • Create posters and other signage for our retail partners that showcase our women's stories or best selling products.
  • Design our annual report to highlight our achievements.
  • Create compelling newsletters for donors and retail partners.
  • Create new batik stamps and experiment with new colorways.

Past Graphic Design Projects

Genevieve Lowe	 - Product Design volunteer-in-africa

Genevieve Lowe
Ketchum, Idaho

Genevieve used her creative mind and design skills to design marketing materials and new products for Global Mamas. While in Ghana she:

  • Designed a new banner for Global Mamas to advertise beaded products. Funded by the British High Commission, the large banner was printed to be used at various trade shows and fairs that Global Mamas attends.
  • Designed all the pages featuring the new beaded products for the Global Mamas wholesale catalogue. Gen also designed many other aspects of the catalog.
  • Designed posters to be used by retail partners to highlight Global Mamas in their stores providing photos and stories about Global Mamas and educating on fair trade.
  • Designed two new products using recycled water sachets. You can see hundreds of these littered around Ghana as they provide a serving of purified water on the go.
  • Tested, tested and re-tested various ways to join water sachets together to create a durable "fabric". Spent hours upon hours with two Global Mamas in developing a shopping tote and purse that will be sold in the next Global Mamas catalog.

Gen's highlight was working with the women developing new products. She said she had a "turning point" about two weeks into her stay where she stopped sweating the small stuff and became more effective by going with the flow and just working with the system in place.

"I loved getting to know and work with the women, both the ones in the office and the batikers and seamstresses. Global Mamas has the most incredible network of Ghanaian women. I can't speak more highly of them. The women work so hard in conditions that most Americans I know couldn't handle for half a day. I was consistently impressed with their poise and strength."