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Global Mamas is committed to creating a life of prosperity for women in Africa. Prosperity, to us, is mufti-faceted. It means nutritional & health needs met, school fees paid, businesses expanded, money saved, and ultimately women empowered. To that end our women's empowerment volunteers help us design and deliver a variety of programs that help us measure the impact of our work and go beyond income generation.



Whether as a short-term or long-term volunteer, your professional skills will be put to use and help make a difference in the lives of women in Africa, their families and their communities. At the same time, you will give purpose to your time off work.

Past Women's Empowerment Projects

JoAnn Staashelm & Susan Hendrich - Women's Empowerment volunteer in Africa

JoAnn Staashelm & Susan Hendrich
Floyds Knob, Kentucky

The women of the Global Mamas network are always eager to learn how to further utilize computers within their businesses and the use the Internet for researching and communicating with their customers and their families. After conducting an assessment of computer skill level, mom and daughter team, JoAnn and Susan, determined the women would benefit from the basic computer skills training available, so they worked to develop an education program to be implemented by Global Mamas. This included:

  • Developing and teaching a Refresher Module for the women who had already been through basic computer training which included Internet, E-mail, Word and Excel.
  • Creating advanced training for Paint, E-mail, Excel, and use of a digital camera.
  • Providing a recommended education program for the women that future volunteers can help to implement.

"No matter where you are in the globe, being an entrepreneur is challenging and these women are succeeding with assistance from Global Mamas. We had the opportunity to visit many of the shops. It was great to see them be successful. Under adverse environment, these women have achieved the goal of any entrepreneur – to expand their businesses."