Global Mamas Prosperity Party


Global Mamas invites you to host a Prosperity Party


Inspired by our mission to create a life of prosperity for African women and their families, we are giving friends of Global Mamas the opportunity to host Prosperity Parties. Think of it as a Global Mamas pop-up store in your home, with sales supporting our work in Ghana. Hosting a party is easy! Just invite friends and family over for some one-stop shopping, provide refreshments, and share why the mission of Global Mamas is important to you.


Our part is sending you a Party Box of our best-selling products tailored to your type of gathering. As a thanks for your support, Prosperity Party hosts will receive a gift card equal to 10% of the amount of sales made at your party. You can use it for items in the Party Box or buy something later online (we’ll give you free shipping, of course).


Prosperity Parties Support Our Mission