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Database Development Volunteer Opportunities in Africa

Database Development 


Global Mamas is always looking to improve and expand the systems that run our expanding organization. We always have exciting projects (we think they are exciting) for volunteers with experience in developing databases. We have systems running on Access and have future projects in mind just waiting for new volunteers.

Past Database Development Projects

Jen Ewing & Florian Thiel - IT volunteer in Africa

Jen Ewing & Florian Thiel
Frankfurt, Germany

Jen and Florian introduced an efficient, inventory management system that was critical to the business during expansion. In just one week, Jen and Florian were able to accomplish the following:

  • Installed and configured Microsoft Small Business Accounting; designed the inventory management process using the software.
  • Created an inventory management procedures manual.
  • Trained the Global Mamas' inventory manager on new procedures and software.

The most memorable part of Florian and Jen's experience was getting to work with Theresa and to help train her in the new inventory management process. Although inventory management is not the most exciting topic, they still managed to laugh a lot and to enjoy themselves.

"Stepping out of the office for lunch or for a walk around Cape Coast always promised to be a bit of an adventure. Even the briefest interchange with a local was always a delight."