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Global Mamas is committed to building the capacity of our Mamas and their families to achieve prosperity through education. Volunteers interested in education projects could find themselves training:

  • Mamas on basic math skills so that they can better track their income and expenses.
  • Mamas in basic literacy.
  • Staff and Mamas in basic computer skills including how to use a computer and keyboard, typing, how to set-up and use e-mail, effective ways to surf the internet, and using Office applications.
  • Sales representatives at our Global Mamas Fair Trade Store in Accra on improving their customer service.

Past Education Projects

Beth Davison - Women's Empowerment volunteer in Africa

Beth Davison
Boone, North Carolina

Beth led the way in establishing a computer training program for Global Mamas to help entrepreneurs in their businesses. Beth was able to accomplish the following during her time in Ghana:

  • Taught ten women basic computer skills including navigating a windows operating system, file management, keyboarding, word processing, exposure to the internet and accounting software
  • Established a comprehensive curriculum for future computer training classes

Beth's highlight of her three months in Ghana was the relationships she formed with the women of Global Mamas and Ocean View Internet Cafe. She is also proud to say that she survived the hot season in Ghana!

"I have been fortunate to travel a lot in my lifetime. Normally, I visit a country as a tourist which means I usually spend very little time in one area as I go from point A to point B to see the major landmarks. In Ghana I loved being able to spend 10 weeks in one place. My volunteer work allowed me to develop meaningful relationships with people from a different culture and I learned more about Ghana than I would have as a tourist. After experiencing how much perspective one gains from staying put in one area, I may never be able to go back to being a tourist."