Black Soap Production Center (Adenta)
Eunice Tetteh, a Global Mama since 2008

Though technically her niece, everyone knows Eunice as the other daughter of Naasakle owner Eugenia! Eunice is young, ambitious, and enjoys working in the shea butter industry. She has been working with Naasakle since 2008 as administrative assistant, and she especially loves hearing people say how much shea products have helped them. Customers also often come up with different product ideas, and Eunice enjoys experimenting to meet their needs, creating products like citronella and shea butter as a moisturizing insect repellent! Though she enjoys creating products for the international market, she also wants to create products that appeal to the local market. She is putting her creative forces to work to create products that appeal to Ghanaian customers.

Jemima Brenya, a Global Mama since 2008

Jemima started working with Naasakle, a Global Mamas shea butter partner, in 2008. Though her role is in accountanting, she also helps out in production. She likes packaging and prides herself on knowing how to create an attractive product. But work at Naasakle is more than a simple job for her—it puts her skills to good use and is an opportunity to work with her sister Eugenia, owner of Naasakle. She has always enjoyed math and worked for the Ghanaian government and the United Nations. Even with this formal background, she loves the relaxed environment at Naasakle and says all her co-workers feel like family.

Global Mamas Dandy Lion Black Soap is a traditional African soap produced by Naasakle Ltd, owned and founded by Eugenia Akuete. Through the production of black soap, Eugenia provides dependable, well-paying, and supportive employment for many women and men in Adenta, an area of Accra. While this work has an immediate positive impact on their lives, it also touches the lives of their families extending across Ghana's many regions.