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Global Mamas provides sustainable livelihoods for women in Africa by promoting their traditional skills in the production of fair trade products. We provide merchandising interns with the opportunity to play a critical role in the annual launch of our new product line and catalog. Merchandising interns also gain experience in visual merchandising and store management.

Trending & Forecasting (Spring)

  • Provide Direction - Research trends for the coming year and develop concept lines.
  • Sales Analysis - Evaluate prior year sales patterns and make recommendations on the fate of products in the current line.

Samples & Catalog Production (Summer/Fall)

  • Sample Production - Work with our designers to manage the development and documentation of samples.
  • Catalog Production – Assist with the production of our annual catalog including writing product descriptions, taking and preparing product photos and stylizing and taking fashion shots.
  • Costing & Pricing (For those of you who like the numbers) - Gather raw material cost data and assist product development and finance teams in determining wholesale pricing.

Visual Merchandising & Store Management (Year Round)

  • Assess the visual merchandising techniques and make recommendations for improvement at the Global Mamas flagship store as well as the shops owned and operated by our Mamas.
  • Provide on-the-job visual merchandising & customer service training for store staff.
  • Evaluate store operations and provide feedback to improve store and inventory management.

Past Merchandising Projects

Kelsey Tyler - Marketing and Media volunteer in Africa

Kelsey Tyler
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Kelsey helped facilitate a more efficient way to make decisions on products for the 2012 catalog:

  • Assisted in product sample organization and created a system for organizing all possible new products.
  • Organized logistics for catalog photo shoots. Found models for the shots, put together outfits, and provided overall conceptualization of each photo.

It's obvious that Ghana had a real impact on Kelsey as she signed a year long contract to co-manage the expansion of a new textile workshop.

"I really love the dresses that the young girls and the women wear in Ghana. Everyone appears elegant in their daily life. Everywhere you go, you are constantly seeing clothing that is re-invented: you see old wax prints with western styles, or modern prints with a more traditional outfit. I like the mix between the old and the new."