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Graphic Design Volunteer Opportunities in Africa

Graphic Design


The success of Global Mamas very much depends on our ability to tell the stories of our Mamas and communicate the impact our programs have on their lives. To succeed we sell fair trade products handcrafted by our women through printed materials, e-mail newsletters, and our websites. We very much rely on volunteers with graphic design skills to keep our messaging compelling and visually interesting. Graphic design projects include:

  • Design elements for our annual catalogs (cover, layout, etc.).
  • Update the content and design of our various websites.
  • Create posters and other signage for our retail partners that showcase our women's stories or best selling products.
  • Design our annual report to highlight our achievements.
  • Create compelling newsletters for donors and retail partners.
  • Create new batik stamps and experiment with new colorways.

Past Graphic Design Projects

Laura Boardman	 - Product Design volunteer in Africa

Laura Boardman
London, England

When Laura arrived we were in the process of developing a new range of products for our 2009 catalogue. As a trained designer, Laura was able to bring her experience into the various stages of design development including:

  • Designing prints for new batik cloth.
  • Designing new accessories with other volunteers.
  • Designing jewelry and beaded products for the home.
  • Took photos for the catalogue.
  • Assisted with the design of shea butter and soap labels.
  • Designed a sign for Esther's sewing shop.

"I have loved the people I have met. The Global Mamas, the employees and the other volunteers have all been wonderful. Experiencing new materials was fantastic as well as being creative again. For me, the most important part was everything I have picked up by just being here, spending time with the Global Mamas staff and learning about the organization as a whole. Gleaning information about start up business expectations was fascinating."