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Global Mamas provides sustainable livelihoods to hundreds of women in Africa through the production and sales of fairly traded products. Our Mamas depend on Global Mamas to market their products around the globe to ensure their steady income and the long-term sustainability of the organization. Our marketing and media volunteers focus on a wide range of projects that help us to grow our market share through the development of innovative marketing strategies with an emphasis on story telling.



Whether as a short-term or long-term volunteer, your professional skills will be put to use and help make a difference in the in the lives of women in Africa, their families and their communities. At the same time, you will give purpose to your time off work.

Past Marketing & Media Projects

Moira Speer - Marketing and Media volunteer in Africa

Moira Speer
Rochester, New York

Moira, with her creative talent, achieved the following:

  • Designed Global Mamas first annual report in 2005 by compiling her photographs of the Mamas and telling their amazing stories and achievements.
  • Photographed new members of the Global Mamas network in their workshops.
  • Created a line of greeting cards using fabric scraps to be sold in local stores and possibly exported in the future.
  • Worked with a carpenter to build new store displays she designed to better display the new Global Mamas home décor line.
  • Improved the floor layout of the Global Mamas store in Cape Coast to better merchandise the home décor line.
  • Created a new module for the design development and color theory workshop, which was very popular with the Mamas.
  • Designed a display to better market the cultural workshops offered by Global Mamas in Ghana.

Moira was thankful that she was able to gain experience in new areas and thinks the program is invaluable for anyone who wants hands-on experience in the field.

"The impact of Global Mamas is highly visible. The women business owners are motivated and excited about the future of the organization and their own businesses. Unlike many other Ghanaians, these women have faith that some day they will travel, start their own schools, build houses, buy cars, open their own retail shops, and more. They actually feel like they are in control of their lives, and if they work hard, the results will directly improve their quality of life."