Volunteer in Africa

Past Projects

Reuben Chaudhury

Reuben Chaudhury
New York, New York

As a business consultant, Reuben explored opportunities for enhanced growth through "new" channels, such as online retail and sales agents, as well as through "new" markets beyond the US, particularly fair trade stores in the EU and UK. With only a month in Ghana, he was able to:

  • Identify and initiated discussions with 30 qualified sales agents.
  • Secure publicity for Global Mamas to an audience of 19,000 reps.
  • Prioritize "target" agents for recruiting pool.
  • Identify online retail and wholesalers and initiated discussions with them.
  • Investigate possible sources of funding for Global Mamas.
  • Identify preliminary requirements for exporting to the EU and set up related meetings in Accra.

"I was incredibly impressed with the unrelenting focus on the women's well being – unlike many NGOs almost everything Global Mamas did was clearly focused on the women – fantastic!! The volunteer's cooperative attitude was great. I met some very talented and giving people on the trip here. And finally, at the risk of sounding clichéd, Ghanaians are truly amazingly friendly and fun!"