Beadmaking Center (Krobo)
Grace Joe, a Global Mama since 2007

“Prosperity is having some money in hand to use for health and for my family."


Meet Grace: When the Global Mamas volunteer who helped found the Krobo site approached Grace about creating and selling beads to Global Mamas, she and her beadmaker brother, Moses, both agreed.  Prior to making beads, Grace was a street seller, balancing heavy bowls of bread, peanuts, and sugar atop her head to earn money for beadmaking tools. Since working for Global Mamas, Grace and Moses have learned how to improve the quality of their beads. They are happy to work with Global Mamas because of the reliable pay and transparency behind pricing. Grace has two children, including Global Mamas Krobo site general manager, Gladys. Congratulations to Grace and Moses - the 2016 Global Mama and Papa of the year.


When asked how working with Global Mamas has changed their lives, they simply say, “Global Mamas really makes our livelihood better.”


Victoria Angmore Narkie, a Global Mama since 2010

Because I work with Global Mamas, I can save money. That's what prosperity means to me.


Meet Victoria: Victoria has been selling her brother's beads with her sister Barbara Tetteh for more than 17 years, as it is her family's tradition that women sell beads made by the men. Victoria's market table displays her vast collection of multicolored beads. Victoria says that the large, reliable orders from Global Mamas have increased her income by 30 percent. Because of this additional income, she and her husband can send their children Lawrence, Sandra, Amanda, and Beauty to school.


When asked what she’d share with those who purchase products made from the beads she sells, Victoria says, Beads don't spoil. They last forever, so you should buy beaded items from Global Mamas!


Odumase Krobo is home to the second Global Mamas location. Leveraging the success of our Mamas in Cape Coast, we replicated the model in Krobo with the skilled producers of recycled glass beads. Opened in 2006, we now work with more than 30 different beadmakers. Our beadmakers are typically family run businesses in the villages scattered throughout the Odumase Krobo area. We also directly employ nearly 20 young women from the community who assemble our beaded products at the Global Mamas office.