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Global Mamas is committed to implementing strategies that ensure environmental sustainability for the communities in which we operate. Current initiatives include the use of recycled materials in production, a commitment to minimizing waste in production, and the use of local materials as much as possible. We believe environmental sustainability is an area of continuous improvement. This is a new area of focus for us and we actively seek volunteers with expertise in this area to help us develop and improve our environmental sustainability policies and to identify new strategies to ensure we minimize our environmental footprint as much as possible.

Past Environmental Sustainability Projects

Matthew Sturm - Business Development volunteer in Africa

Matthew Sturm
Denver, Colorado

Matthew helped research potential resources for organic cotton and low-impact dyes for products to ensure Global Mamas adheres to fair trade's environmental responsibility principle. Matthew was also able to help Global Mamas in the following ways:

  • Provided an analysis of the impact on production that a new sourcing structure would create.
  • Designed new layout of new retail store in Accra; helped build displays, paint walls and arrange inventory.

For Matthew, building the store in Accra was an amazing experience and a great achievement. He enjoyed the opportunity to see his vision slowly unfold to a very successful reality. He feels this gave him very valuable professional experience that he can carry with him into the future.

"I feel truly grateful to have worked with Global Mamas and would highly recommend this organization for anyone looking to make a difference in the world."