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Enhancing productivity is one of our most pressing strategic goals as we currently cannot keep up with the demand for our products. Volunteers working in supply chain management help us to simplify and improve the efficiency our very complex production models across all product lines. Projects include:

  • Organizing production related supplies, materials and systems.
  • Developing systems to better manage processes and track performance.
  • Identifying sources of raw materials and packaging supplies in Ghana.
  • Improving logistics management domestically and for export.

Past Supply Chain Management Projects

Kathleen Kosnar	- Business Development volunteer in Africa

Kathleen Kosnar
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Kathleen assisted Global Mamas with expansion to the UK marketplace. Kathleen used her years of business expertise to help Global Mamas in the following ways:

  • Conducted detailed research that helped Global Mamas put proper exporting procedures into place for the UK
  • Analyzed trade agreements to ensure Global Mamas was benefitting from duty-free exportation for product categories
  • Researched the logistics of working with export/import agents in both Ghana and the UK
  • Prepared documents outlining product restrictions, customs processes, useful agencies, and a dictionary of the most commonly used acronyms in the arena of world trade
  • Organized the exporting logistics data for easy reference and shared with new UK distributor

Kathleen cherished the overall insight gained into the reality of life, customs, culture, politics, and business in Ghana that is free of interpretation by politically, socially or economically motivated sources.

My life is forever enriched, enlightened and changed. I am now a different individual and will continue to find ways to be an advocate for sustainable development, fair trade, and freedom."