Black Soap Production Center (Adenta)
Christopher Dalisah, a Global Mama since 2008

Christopher grew up in the town of Sasieme in Ghana's Volta Region. When asked about his tribe, the Ewe, he explains, "Ewe people are hardworking. If things are not so good, you have to work hard to get something to eat. There is no business really, so you must learn to farm or fish." Christopher was fortunate to study chemical engineering and later started working as a production manager for Naasalke, a Global Mamas shea butter business partner. He enjoys being involved in processing and supervising the transformation of raw materials into a final product. He especially likes the quality control aspect of the process. Christopher is married to his wife, Gifty, who works in IT.

Maxwell Boateng, a Global Mama since 2008

Maxwell has been working as an electrician for Naasakle, a Global Mamas shea butter partner, since 2008 and looks forward to his future with the company. His wife Halena trades in skin creams and hair products, and together they support their three children. They are proud to be able to put their children through school, especially because Maxwell remembers the hardship of growing up in a family supported by selling oil and corn. "Some days were good, some days were bad," he recalls.

Global Mamas Dandy Lion Black Soap is a traditional African soap produced by Naasakle Ltd, owned and founded by Eugenia Akuete. Through the production of black soap, Eugenia provides dependable, well-paying, and supportive employment for many women and men in Adenta, an area of Accra. While this work has an immediate positive impact on their lives, it also touches the lives of their families extending across Ghana's many regions.