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Enhancing productivity is one of our most pressing strategic goals as we currently cannot keep up with the demand for our products. Volunteers working in supply chain management help us to simplify and improve the efficiency our very complex production models across all product lines. Projects include:

  • Organizing production related supplies, materials and systems.
  • Developing systems to better manage processes and track performance.
  • Identifying sources of raw materials and packaging supplies in Ghana.
  • Improving logistics management domestically and for export.

Past Supply Chain Management Projects

Courtney Zielinski - Business Development volunteer in Africa

Courtney Zielinski
Charlotte, North Carolina

Courtney worked with Global Mamas to update the quality control process to ensure products met necessary standards before being exported. In addition, Courtney helped Global Mamas by:

  • Working with production and quality control managers to create a process flow for quality control resulting in a more streamlined end-to-end process
  • Meeting with seamstresses to assess pattern layout to ensure fabric was being used efficiently and updated the costs of all materials to ensure the proper calculation of the finished costs of goods

Courtney enjoyed building relationships with all of the Global Mama associates, Eli the cook, and of course with the other volunteers. Courtney felt that the people are what made her experience what it is, that she built relationships that will last, and that she will continue to learn from this experience throughout her life.

"I quickly learned the importance of patience."