Volunteer in Africa

Writing & PR Volunteer Opportunities in Africa

Writing & PR


The success of Global Mamas very much depends on our ability to convey the impact of our work through personal stories. There are many ways in which we could put your writing skills to use:

  • External PR - Write special interest stories on our Mamas and the work of Global Mamas for submission to external publications and websites.
  • Social Media - Develop campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms.
  • Meet the Women – Interview our Global Mamas and craft compelling stories about their lives, what they do with Global Mamas, and how working with Global Mamas has impacted their lives and their families.
  • Annual Report – Develop stories that capture & describe the work that we have done over the past year.
  • Global Mamas Blog – Generate creative ideas and write stories about our Mamas, our Volunteers and Interns, and our staff. It is also great to have stories about life in Ghana and how it differs from what you know.

Past Writing & PR Projects

Lora Hodges - Marketing and Media volunteer in Africa

Lora Hodges
High Point, North Carolina

Lora was able to help Global Mamas educate the public about fair trade and ethical fashion and helped create more awareness for the Global Mamas’ brand. Lora also helped in the following ways:

  • Conducted extensive research on opportunities educating the public about fair trade on different TV shows.
  • Reviewed the existing proposal for one of the TV shows and determined how to make it successful.
  • Reviewed and edited Global Mamas' Volunteer PR kit.
  • Reviewed and edited bylaws for a foundation started by one of the Mamas.

"I appreciated the kindness I felt from the Global Mamas staff and the professionalism of the day to day operations. I realized that passion drives the organization and was impressed by the family atmosphere of the volunteer house."