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Global Mamas provides sustainable livelihoods for women in Africa by promoting their traditional skills in the production of fair trade apparel and accessories. Each year we produce a new product line which is very dependent on the fresh ideas of visiting textile designers. There are many ways in which we could put your textile design skills to use:

  • Research trends for the coming year.
  • Learn to batik the Global Mamas way to understand the possibilities and limitations.
  • Sketch, layout and develop new batik stamps.
  • Experiment with dyes to generate new color combinations.
  • Introduce our Mamas to new textile design techniques.
  • Working side by side with our Mamas, create samples and adjust patterns based on their feedback and realities of batiking in Ghana (think foam stamps and coal pots).
  • Document designs, stamps, and dye recipes in our batik library.
  • Develop and present workshops to improve our Mamas' design and technical skills.

Past Textile Design Projects

Keely Jones - Product Design volunteer in Africa

Keely Jones
Evanston, Illinois

Keely was extremely hard working and willing to work in any area that needed her attention. She accomplished many projects:

  • Created promotional material to market Global Mamas' cultural workshops to tour operators in Accra.
  • Facilitated several meetings with tour operators in Accra to discuss adding the cultural workshops to their regular tour packages.
  • Created several new batik designs that were immediately put to use in creating new garments in the Global Mamas product line.
  • Worked with Global Mamas' newest batiker, Mavis, in perfecting the new designs and understanding the quality demanded by the Western marketplace.
  • Assisted new volunteers in getting introduced to Ghanaian culture and getting around Cape Coast.
  • Helped the Ashanti Dance Theatre to incorporate its business and establish more efficient ways to manage the business.

"I enjoyed being able to establish relationships with all of the women. I wish I had more time in Ghana!"