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Global Mamas provides sustainable livelihoods for women in Africa by promoting their traditional skills in the production and sales of fair trade apparel, accessories, jewelry and home decor. Our Mamas are thrilled to receive international volunteers with experience in design and merchandising to ensure the Global Mamas product line continues to evolve and stays relevant in the global marketplace.



Whether as a short-term or long-term volunteer, your professional skills will be put to use and help make a difference in the lives of women in Africa, their families and their communities. At the same time, you will give purpose to your time off work.

Past Product Design Projects

Katrina Dorman - Product Design volunteer in Africa

Katrina Dorman
Honolulu, Hawaii

Working at our Krobo Bead Making Center, Katrina was instrumental in training bead makers how to construct new jewelry designs. Katrina helped Global Mamas with the following:

  • Designed African Spirits and Nativity Sets prototypes and taught young women how to construct them.
  • Improved the design and construction of many products and expanded the African Spirit product line by creating lapel pins and key chains.
  • Designed candle holders and trivets to expand home decor line.

"I loved how excited the Mamas were about us being there. When you say something as simple as thank you in the local language they would laugh and just be ecstatic about teaching you more."