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Strategic Business Consulting Volunteer Opportunities in AfricaStrategic Business Consulting


Global Mamas regularly benefits from the help of business minded volunteers to help the organization or our Mama entrepreneurs to make the most of opportunities for growth or to develop solutions for challenges.  Strategic business consulting projects involve all areas of business including:

  • Financial management
  • Business plan development to expand or launch a new product line
  • Marketing & Sales
  • HR management
  • Productivity improvements
  • Quality enhancement - and more!

Past Strategic Business Consulting Projects

Gayle Pescud - Business Development volunteer in Africa

Gayle Pescud
Sydney, Australia

Gayle used her trade expertise to investigate how Global Mamas could access new export markets. Gayle immediately began extensive research which better prepared the organization for exporting to new markets. Gayle:

  • Educated Global Mamas' staff on export and import procedures between countries - rules, regulations, and paperwork pertaining to all goods being exported.
  • Found stores, import agents, and fair trade organizations to contact in order to establish a relationship that may enable the selling of Global Mamas products in new export markets.
  • Made a number of important business contacts in Ghana that helped to facilitate exporting.
  • Provided informed export information for grant proposals.
  • Drafted a proposal for funding of a raw materials revolving loan fund that was presented to the Japanese Embassy.
  • Created and facilitated a workshop on colour theory that was attended by many of the Global Mamas seamstresses and batikers.
  • Taught computer basics classes to women new to the Global Mamas cooperative.
  • Assisted a local drumming and dancing crew, the Ashanti Dance Theatre, in updating web content and marketing material and shared ideas on company businesses management.

"The most valuable lesson has been learning to cope with limited resources and still make inroads and achieve some successes. Playing a direct role in teaching the Mamas new skills, and seeing great improvements, has been very rewarding. Learning from the women about their business (batiking and sewing) and the culture which they work in, has been fantastic. Working with other volunteers has been a great deal of fun and one of the most memorable and unexpected aspects of the volunteer experience."