Beadmaking Center (Krobo)
Doris Debrah, a Global Mama since 2012

“Prosperity is being able to get what you want. I will have reached prosperity when I can be self-employed.”


Meet Doris: After finishing senior high school, Doris decided to work for Global Mamas upon discovering the office was right behind her house! Doris works as a bead assembler and loves to make earrings, especially the Sister Earrings. Since coming to Global Mamas, she has been able to save her money, enabling her to purchase the things she wants and pay her electricity bills. Doris lives in her family home with her six siblings and parents. In her free time, she and her family do their laundry and sell rice. Doris hopes to go back to school to study education so she can teach beadmaking.


When asked what she’d like to share with those who buy her products, Doris says, “Our products are good quality, so please order more of them!” 


Lawrencia Kumah, a Global Mama since 2010

“Prosperity, to me, means a reliable monthly salary.”


Meet Lawrencia: After finishing trade school, where she studied dressmaking, Lawrencia saw a sign recruiting bead assemblers for Global Mamas. She has been here ever since and says she’s most proud of having learned about jewelry design. Her favorite products to make are necklaces and ornaments. She’s so passionate about jewelry design that she makes earrings and necklaces for fun on the weekends. In the future, Lawrencia would like to return to dressmaking and open her own shop so that she can further explore her creativity.


When asked what she’d like to share with those who buy her products, Lawrencia says, “I’m happy that I’m here at Global Mamas and very proud of our work because it is good quality.” 


Odumase Krobo is home to the second Global Mamas location. Leveraging the success of our Mamas in Cape Coast, we replicated the model in Krobo with the skilled producers of recycled glass beads. Opened in 2006, we now work with more than 30 different beadmakers. Our beadmakers are typically family run businesses in the villages scattered throughout the Odumase Krobo area. We also directly employ nearly 20 young women from the community who assemble our beaded products at the Global Mamas office.