Volunteer in Africa

Writing & PR Volunteer Opportunities in Africa

Writing & PR


The success of Global Mamas very much depends on our ability to convey the impact of our work through personal stories. There are many ways in which we could put your writing skills to use:

  • External PR - Write special interest stories on our Mamas and the work of Global Mamas for submission to external publications and websites.
  • Social Media - Develop campaigns for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other platforms.
  • Meet the Women – Interview our Global Mamas and craft compelling stories about their lives, what they do with Global Mamas, and how working with Global Mamas has impacted their lives and their families.
  • Annual Report – Develop stories that capture & describe the work that we have done over the past year.
  • Global Mamas Blog – Generate creative ideas and write stories about our Mamas, our Volunteers and Interns, and our staff. It is also great to have stories about life in Ghana and how it differs from what you know.

Past Writing & PR Projects

Megan Thompson - Marketing and Media volunteer in Africa

Megan Thompson
Edina, Minnesota

Megan assisted Global Mamas by optimizing & creating content for the Global Mamas website. She also pitched Global Mamas stories to various press outlets. In addition, Megan helped Global Mamas in the following ways:

  • Optimized Global Mamas website product pages based on keyword phrases strategically chosen to elevate search engine rankings.
  • Wrote new profiles of women for the Meet the Mamas section of the website.
  • Authored a profile on Global Mamas that was published in a Minnesota Monthly magazine.
  • Drafted a public relations plan for Global Mamas.
  • Composed updates for Global Mamas website, donors, and wholesale partners.

Megan had a wonderful time meeting the women of Global Mamas and witnessing their accomplishments – expanding their businesses, moving to new shops, and sending their kids back to school. She was grateful to be able to get out of my stressful life in Washington and unwind in Ghana – a great place to just slow down, clear your head, and have no worries about deadlines and the future.

"My time in Ghana with Global Mamas was one of the best experiences of my life. Ghana is such an amazing country to visit! The Ghanaian attitude towards life is so refreshing --- everyone laughs and welcomes you here with open arms. At the airport gate before I'd even stepped on my flight, I made a Ghanaian friend who invited me to dinner and gave me my Ghanaian name (Esi). Happy "high life" music booms in the streets and people will just dance to it, alone, and nobody cares. And of course there's the fresh pineapple and plantains, the beautiful beaches and the sun. I learned so much here in Ghana about life and work. Although I need to return to the hectic American pace, I will never forget the time I had here to slow down and enjoy every day."