Trashy Bags Recycling & Sewing Workshop (Dzorwulu)
Anastasia Larvie, a Global Mama since 2007

Anastasia Larvie couldn’t be happier working for Trashy Bags. Not only is she a fan of the products, but she loves how her work is helping Ghana. After living in Anloga, located in Ghana's Volta Region, selling kaklo with her mother, Anastasia moved to Accra to be with her father at age 14. He was determined to have her attend school when she came to live with him, which she did. In 2006, Anastasia completed her vocational school training as a seamstress. Now, married and with a child, Anastasia works as much as possible to support her family, and tries to save enough money to visit her mother in Anloga as often as she can. She feels fortunate to have received the opportunity to work with Trashy Bags and has high hopes for the organization’s growth.

Global Mamas partners with Trashy Bags to produce accessories made from the recycled plastic of packaged drinking water (think plastic sachet vs. plastic bottle). Water sachets are the most popular item to buy on the streets of Ghana, and because of this, they also account for the majority of litter on the ground. Trashy Bags not only cleans up Ghana as they collect the littered drinking water sachets, but also works to inform the public about the environmental issues of litter and these non-biodegradable drink sachets.