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Graphic Design Volunteer Opportunities in Africa

Graphic Design


The success of Global Mamas very much depends on our ability to tell the stories of our Mamas and communicate the impact our programs have on their lives. To succeed we sell fair trade products handcrafted by our women through printed materials, e-mail newsletters, and our websites. We very much rely on volunteers with graphic design skills to keep our messaging compelling and visually interesting. Graphic design projects include:

  • Design elements for our annual catalogs (cover, layout, etc.).
  • Update the content and design of our various websites.
  • Create posters and other signage for our retail partners that showcase our women's stories or best selling products.
  • Design our annual report to highlight our achievements.
  • Create compelling newsletters for donors and retail partners.
  • Create new batik stamps and experiment with new colorways.

Past Graphic Design Projects

Kiley O’Brien - Marketing and Media volunteer in Africa

Kiley O’Brien
St. Charles, Illinois

Kiley designed print and web-based marketing materials to help promote Global Mamas products and projects. Kiley designed the following for Global Mamas:

  •  “Handcrafting” section on Global Mamas website to promote the traditional techniques involved in the development of Global Mamas textiles and bead production.
  • Ghana Expeditions website version 1 - dedicated to promote cultural workshops that Global Mamas offered.
  • Print materials for use at trade shows in the US, including banners and flyers.
  • 2006 Wholesale Catalog - transforming our catalogs forever.

Kiley says it was the small things that gave her the biggest smiles. Teaching computer lessons was a highlight for Kiley as she saw how the women smile and feel pride upon learning something new. Kiley will also never forget the never-ending "duking it out" of Technology vs. Environment. She trudged forward even after facing many battles with Ghana's power surges, power outages, cut phone lines, floods in the office, and smoking monitors. She frequently dug deep down to find her sense of humor in tact! Kiley continues to volunteer for Global Mamas on a regular basis.

"It's impossible to fully understand the extreme amount of work the women in this community do until you walk down the street and see, hear, smell, taste, and breathe it. Every moment I walk down the street I am fully consumed by the surrounding efforts of the women...it's truly amazing, the work never stops."