Volunteer in Africa

Photography Volunteer Opportunities in Africa



The success of Global Mamas very much depends on our ability to convey the impact of our work through photos. Photography projects include:

  • Share our Mamas' personal stories through photos capturing aspects of their professional and family lives and highlighting their achievements.
  • Update the Meet the Mamas section of our website with fresh pictures and stories.
  • Tell the Global Mamas' story through photos capturing the work we do at each location or showcasing special projects.
  • Educate consumers on our production processes in textiles, recycled glass beads, and shea butter skin care products by documenting the process through photos.
  • Plan and execute photo shoots that highlight our products through fashion and lifestyle shots.

Past Photography Projects

Eana Agopian - Marketing and Media volunteer in Africa

Eana Agopian
Kalamazoo, Michigan

During her time with Global Mamas Eana was able to:

  • Assist with designing the layout of the catalog.
  • Assist with choosing new batik and product designs for coming year.
  • Photograph all of the new batik products and prepare the photos for digital use.
  • Work on "cleaning" photos for the wholesale bead catalog.
  • Photograph many Global Mamas working in their shops.

Eana felt that volunteering with Global Mamas was a wonderful opportunity to put all of her knowledge about photography to use in a positive way. Eana also truly enjoyed traveling around the country, especially considering how unexpectedly easy that was. The most satisfying part for her was seeing all of her completed work on the Global Mamas website.

"My favorite day was a photo shoot when the whole Ghanaian staff got dressed up in Global Mamas clothes and proudly paraded through the streets of Cape Coast with all of the neighbors looking on."