Volunteer in Africa

Marketing & Communications Volunteer Opportunities in Africa

Marketing & Communications


The success of Global Mamas very much depends on our ability to develop and implement innovative marketing campaigns that generate more income for our Mamas through product sales. There are many ways in which we could put your marketing and communications skills to use:

  • Develop innovative marketing strategies to expand sales of Global Mamas products around the world targeting both wholesale and retail customers.
  • Develop and implement PR campaigns designed to tell the stories of our Mamas to expand sales, increase donations, and recruit additional volunteers.
  • Work one-on-one with our Mamas to help them develop and implement marketing strategies to grow their businesses or launch a new product line.

Past Marketing & Communications Projects

Janie Curtis - Business Development volunteer in Africa

Janie Curtis
Winston Salem, North Carolina

Janie explored growth strategies for Global Mamas to pursue within the US and also did market research on consumers and competition within the US market. Janie helped Global Mamas in the following ways:

  • Developed a comprehensive analysis of the US market and created an outline of growth strategies for the market
  • Developed Fundraising strategies and new product ideas

Janie valued the chance to look at a business in a market area that she didn't have much previous experience with – apparel – and use her expertise to identify different ways that the business could be grown. She also valued the time that she spent with one of Global Mamas original seamstresses Esther, because working with her on her marketing strategies was such a different experience from anything she's ever done in her professional life back in the US.

"I loved the fact that I felt like I could make such a difference to Esther's business in such a short period of time."