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Information Technology Volunteer Opportunities in Africa

Information Technology


Global Mamas is always in need of technology minded volunteers to help us improve our IT platforms and systems used to manage a very complex production model. Our IT projects range from assessing our existing systems and recommending improvements to more hands-on design and development of new databases that support our growing operations.



Whether as a short-term or long-term volunteer, your professional skills will be put to use and help make a difference in the lives of women in Africa, their families and their communities. At the same time, you will give purpose to your time off work.

Past Information Technology Projects

Gretchen Sunko - Women's Empowerment volunteer in Africa

Gretchen Sunko
Chicago, Illinois

Gretchen and fellow volunteer, Kirsten, planned and executed a financial training workshop and visited a variety of women to help them better understand and update their accounting practices. With her IT background, Gretchen assisted with database development and helped Global Mamas in the following ways:

  • Helped implement a new, organization-wide production database designed to improve production process efficiency and provide a wealth of data that will help Global Mamas better analyze inventory, profitability, and overall performance of the business.
  • Updated a cost model allowing Global Mamas to analyze costs and establish prices based on varying factors such as business line and production location.
  • Conducted a training workshop for over 40 local women in Cape Coast on managing customer orders.
  • Met one-on-one with the Mamas to follow up on training concepts, understand production capacity of their businesses, analyze consistency of work orders received from Global Mamas, and ensure the Mamas pay fair wages to their employees.

Coming from an IT background, Gretchen admitted that when she first arrived in Ghana she had no idea what the word 'batik' meant. She thought it was some kind of place like a 'boutique' and 'boutiquers' were the people that worked in 'boutiques'. Now, after 4 months, she has not only learned how to batik her own fabric, she's helped to oversee the Global Mamas batik production and contributed to a new production database that will improve their overall production process! Gretchen has come to appreciate Ghanaian culture through and has been moved by Ghanaians overwhelming sense of hospitality.

"My favorite memories include learning to cook groundnut soup with Eli and making a new friend among the Global Mamas at the annual awards ceremony in Cape Coast."