Custom Orders & Private Labeling

Global Mamas introduces custom order and private labeling serivces! Our batikers and seamstresses in Ghana can hand-make a variety of unique products for your company. The product, colors, and design can all be custom made to your specifications. This is a great way to support women in Africa and further your company’s dedication to social responsibility. In our Meet the Women section of the website you can browse the stories of the women you will be impacting!


Batik Print Library: Global Mamas can offer you a unique batik print for your chosen product. To expedite the process, you can choose from Global Mamas' archive of prints used in previous catalogs.


WIC (Women, Infants, and Children of the US Dept of Agriculture) recently took advantage of this opportunity. You can view the process the WIC tote bags went through and see how your own custom or semi-custom product will be made.


The design is carved into foam to create a stamp.


The women dye the fabric to set in the first color. The parts of the fabric covered by the wax stamps do not absorb the color.


The fabric is dyed a second time in a darker color and all of the wax is washed off using hot water.


The fabric then goes to the seamstresses for final production.


The finished product goes through another round of quality control inspections and is then packaged to ship.


The first design is stamped using wax.


After the first dye, a second wax stamp is applied to finish off the design.


The finished batik fabric is sent to the office to go through a rigorous quality control inspection.


Sewing the tote bags.


The final product!



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