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Global Mamas regularly benefits from the help of business minded volunteers to help the organization or our Mama entrepreneurs to make the most of opportunities for growth or to develop solutions for challenges.  Strategic business consulting projects involve all areas of business including:

  • Financial management
  • Business plan development to expand or launch a new product line
  • Marketing & Sales
  • HR management
  • Productivity improvements
  • Quality enhancement - and more!

Past Strategic Business Consulting Projects

Fiona MacKenzie - Women's Empowerment	volunteer in Africa

Fiona MacKenzie
Dartmouth, Canada

Global Mamas has been making strides toward developing strong relationships with shea butter producers in northern Ghana for several years. Now that we have established connections with successful producer groups in the area we are focused on certifying the product as fair trade and organic for stronger marketability. Fiona came to Global Mamas with experience traveling in Ghana and interacting with shea butter producers. She researched the standards set forth by The Institute for Marketecology (IMO) and was able to proceed with evaluating Global Mamas and the shea producers on adherence to the standards. She followed-up with recommendations to adjust practices to ensure that certification could be achieved. Fiona also researched potential markets and opportunities for Shea butter outside of the country.

Fiona's previous experience in Ghana and interest in Shea Butter led to:
  • Successful trips to Damongo to conduct research on living wages and work with the shea nut collectors to educate them about Global Mamas and the organic and fair trade certification process.
  • Progress toward the completion of the necessary applications for IMO fair trade and organic certification.
  • Fiona becoming well versed in Ghanaian shea butter and used that knowledge to help Global Mamas move forward with marketing the product.
  • Deeper connections with the shea producers of Damongo, Ghana.

"Working with the ladies in Damongo, seeing their zest for life and their drive to better the lives of their children and grand-children was inspirational. Their hospitality and kindness far exceeded my expectations."